Perun Mini -Multifunctional Head Torch

Perun Mini is a new addition to OLIGHT’s Perun series that follows the signature body textures for easy grip.

It retains Olight classic magnetic tail cap providing a superior convenient charging style as well an option of magnetically attachment.

Powered by an IMR16340 rechargeable lithium battery, this 52g only multi-use illumination tool provides a max output of 1,000 lumens.

Via velcro duty patch/pocket clip, it can be attached to clothes, backpacks or hats as well rotated 60 degrees for the desired angle and extreme convenience, offering you the right spot anywhere and anytime.



1. Please be aware that the velcro duty patch may cause damage to softer fabrics. We recommend it is only used on dedicated velcro panels.

2. Please note that the Perun mini has an upgrade pocket clip. This can be difficult to remove but should be done carefully to avoid any unnecessary damage to the torch.

3. The Perun mini is compatible with the Perun headband or H1R headband. We recommend removing the clip for this use.