▶Amazing Upgrade

It adopts the latest LEP technology to achieve an unbelievable 1,050-metre beam distance with 330 lumens of output, while only slightly larger than the original Odin.

▶Sharp Beam

With a beam like a light saber, solid build, and practical accessories, the Odin Turbo is the best ultra-range WML option on the market.

▶More Convenient And Safe

This light also utilizes our exclusive rotate-to-lock slide rail mount for maximum convenience and safety.

▶Simple To Use

The included magnetic remote switch features a lock-on ring for a swift and tight fit with the stainless steel tailcap.

▶Highlight Innovation

The Odin Turbo also includes some of our most innovative and useful features including a customized 5000mAh 21700 battery, MCC3 charging cable, vibration battery indicator, and two-stage tactical tail switch.

▶First Choice 

The Odin Turbo is Olight’s first-ever LEP tactical flashlight in our revolutionary Odin WML series.